Emmanuel “E-Man” Bates

Emmanuel “E-Man” Bates (he/him) is an emcee, homebrewer, former newspaper journalist (Schoolcraft Connection and Eastern Echo), and freelance writer who reports and writes about the stuff he loves: music and craft beer. A native of Detroit, Michigan, E-Man took his passions and created the craft beer and music blog, Beats and Brews, and a weekly podcast. The Beats Brews and Points of View podcast features interviews with local artists and musicians, a Michigan-brewed beer in each episode, and covers current events and hot topics. Current Magazine recently named Beats Brews and Points of View ‘Best Local Podcast’ on their Best of Washtenaw 2020 list. 


Always in search of new places to visit, different beers to try, and exciting people to meet, E-Man is available for music events, writing assignments, or interviews.


The change he would hope to inspire in the craft beer community is to see more people of color involved in the world of craft beer. It would be amazing to see more people of color as brewers, brewery owners, or beer enthusiasts, but even something as simple as purchasing a craft beer and trying it would be a win in his book. All it takes is that first sip!


E-Man’s favorite beer at the moment is Cheboygan’s Blood Orange Wheat Ale.

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Articles by E-Man

The Beer Boom

The biggest beer boom since Prohibition. From seltzers to sours, beer is ready for summer.

The People vs. Back Unturned Brewing

Back Unturned Finds A Resolution with Weathered Souls Brewing.

Black Calder Brewing – Cheers to Diversity

The first Black-owned brewery opens in Michigan. Black Calder Brewing hopes to bring “dope beer” to the good people of Grand Rapids.

Pumpkin-Spiced Pumpkin Beer, A Fall Tradition

Pumpkin-Spiced Pumpkin Beer, A Fall Tradition by Emmanuel Bates   Sweater weather is upon us! It’s that time of year where cider mills open, leaves start falling, and you see more people drink beers such as Marzens, Ambers, and Ciders. The colder weather brings in another popular craze, pumpkin spice everything, from lattes to cookies…

Oktoberfest, The Biggest Folk Festival in World History

Oktoberfest, The Biggest Folk Festival in World History by Emmanuel Bates   What if I told you that the world’s biggest beer festival centered in the mecca for beer was once focused on horse racing? What if I told you that beer wasn’t even the focus at all, and the focus was actually a wedding…

The IPA Adventure

Have you ever wondered where the IPA originated from? The history is a twisting tale of adapting with the times through accidental invention.

The Black is Beautiful Effect

Find out how the Black is Beautiful beer has had a tremendous widespread effect on the craft beer community.

Seltzers: the Trend that Keeps on Trending

Seltzers are all the rage! How does it fit into the craft beer industry, as a fellow flavored malt beverage? This trend is making a name for itself, find out why!