Rosie Hatch

Rosie Hatch (she/her) is a recipe creator, food stylist and food photographer located in Orange County, CA. She graduated from California State University Fullerton in 2009 and graduated with a love of film and photography. She paired this with her love of culture and food to create her own business in 2015, working with 20+ companies to create custom recipes and high-end photography to be used on social media, blogs and advertisements.


In her spare time she loves to enjoy her favorite beer (Peroni or Modelo) on the beach with her family every Sunday or trying out new recipes with unique ingredients.


Catch her on the Netflix series “Nailed It” to see her completely flop on Season 2, Episode 6.

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Recipes by Rosie

Stout Pub Pie

The Perfect Dessert to Celebrate Love (of Stouts)

Chocolate Stout Crème Brulee 

The Perfect Dessert to Celebrate Love (of Stouts)