John Nelson

A Kansas City Wheat Beer first opened John Nelson’s (he/him) eyes to a word new to him; ‘craft’. A move to Fort Collins, Colorado further sparked curiosity for these noticeably more flavorful beer options. And when a best friend introduced him to home brewing, there was no going back.


While he obtained his Fermentation Science degree at Colorado State University, he continued to fall in love with the brewing process, beer history, and the welcoming industry he would soon work in. Following college, he found various brewing roles in Northern California, and where he currently reside in Northwest Montana.


Since beginning his education, he has been fortunate enough to pick the brains of many industry veterans. He has learned so much from those willing to share, and he only hopes to passionately pass on this knowledge to anyone interested. With that said, he still considers himself somewhat new to the industry, and is always looking for ways to better himself and increase his brewing understanding.


He hopes to increase inclusivity within the craft beer community. He is a big believer that there is a beer out there for everyone, and firmly rejects the “I just don’t like beer” responses. But, putting aside whether one even drinks beer or not, the community appeal is for everyone. He hopes everyone gets a chance to feel how he feels when he is in a welcoming taproom, wafting down a delicious pint, surrounded by enjoyable people.


After a summer of hoppy brands and ample amounts of Pilsner, he is currently searching out more malt-focused styles. As seasons change, he tends to change his beer preferences accordingly.


He recently had an Alaskan Amber (an OG craft Amber Ale) and was quickly reminded why this particular beer has stood the test of time. Consumed cold and freshly poured, he drooled over the delicious subtle cherry notes, and as it warmed in the glass, toasty malt notes became more prominent; the complexity was appreciated, enough so to buy some more.

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