The Bevolution Creators in Brewing Grant

Women of the Bevolution and Beer is for Everyone have teamed up to launch a grant program for women and non-binary entrepreneurs, digital creators, brewers, and homebrewers who identify as an underrepresented or underserved member of the brewing community including, but not limited to, Black, African American, Indigenous, Asian American, Pacific Islander, or other Person of Color, who are looking for help in getting started on creating content, developing a brand or releasing a product – whether it’s launching a podcast, merch line or a product, or editing YouTube video tutorials, Reels, TikToks or starting a Substack/newsletter, blog or Patreon.

We are providing five grants that include a $300 stipend plus 1-hour marketing and content strategy consulting from Ash Eliot (Founder of Women of the Bevolution and the Bevolution Creators Network) & Lindsay Malu Kido (Founder of Beer is for Everyone).

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