Ruvani de Silva

Ruvani (she/her) is a travel-loving beer writer with bylines for Good Beer Hunting, PorchDrinking, Craft Beer Austin, Hop Topic World and other publications. She blogs about beer in Central Texas and beyond, as Craft Beer Amethyst; She has also organized successful beer tours and events while living in London, England.


She is a vocal advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in beer and as a British South Asian woman living in Texas, she brings a unique voice to the world of American craft beer. She aims to support and amplify all marginalized groups and use her writing and her physical and online presence to represent and normalize brown women in beer.


Ruvani loves all styles of beer but particularly enjoys a deep, tart Dark Sour, a crisp, clean Pilsner, a warm, fruity English Cask Ale, or a punchy piney-resinous West Coast IPA.

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Articles by Ruvani

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Toxic Gratitude

Toxic Gratitude – A Clapback at “Be Thankful for What You Have”

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