Say Gay Glassware


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Stand up to censorship, advocate for open discussion, and celebrate the vibrancy of the LGBTQ+ community with our “Say Gay” can glassware, an inspired symbol of resistance, unity, and love.


In direct response to Florida’s restrictive “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which threatens to stifle crucial conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity in schools, this glassware serves as a bold statement of support for our youth and a rejection of harmful legislation. Each glass serves as a reminder that love is love, and every voice deserves to be heard.


The 16-ounce can-shaped glass is beautifully adorned with a playful, disco-inspired design that radiates with life, love, and freedom. A disco ball at the heart of the glass spills out a cascade of rainbows, a vibrant symbol of the Queer community’s diversity, resilience, and joy. These brilliant colors shine out against the clear, high-quality glass, catching the light in an ever-changing celebration of Pride.


Each glass is emblazoned with the words “Say Gay”, a rallying cry to keep the dialogue open and to support the LGBTQIAA2S+ community. It rejects the idea that love and identity should ever be silenced. This captivating design and poignant message make the glass a perfect gift for loved ones, or a treat for yourself, reminding us all to be loud, be proud, and say it out loud: Gay!


Ideal for all kinds of beverages, this glassware offers a sturdy and comfortable hold. It’s about more than just enjoying your favorite drink; it’s about making a statement, prompting conversation, and embracing diversity.


Show your defiance against suppression and your commitment to the LGBTQIAA2S+ community with the “Say Gay” Disco Rainbow Can Glassware. Every sip is a declaration of love, acceptance, and Pride. Let’s say “Gay”, say it loud, and let our voices be heard. Raise your glasses, and here’s to Pride every day!