Kerri Brown

Kerri Brown (she/her) is a writer and researcher based in Dallas and Belém. A Texan living in the Brazilian Amazon, she holds a PhD in cultural anthropology and works developing grassroots projects around economic development, technology, racial justice, and environmental rights in the African Diaspora. Her most recent projects have included creating a virtual network of Afro-Amazonian microentrepreneurs and supporting rural cooperatives of women herbalists.


She loves all things artisan and has travelled extensively to experience the smells, tastes, colors, sights, and sounds of different artisan communities worldwide. She is passionate about regional craft beer scenes and hopes to broaden international dialogue around equity, inclusion, and social innovation within the craft beer industry. She believes that who and where we buy from are political choices, and she is interested in amplifying the voices and spaces of groups that have been marginalized within the industry.


Her favorite beer of all time is Schneider Weisse’s Tap 7, but her most recent favorite has been Doktor Bräu’s Psicótipa IPA.

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