Dave Chase

Dave Chase (he/him) is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. He is an avid homebrewer trying to find the cheapest and easiest ways to brew decent tasting beer. He also volunteers with Court Watch NYC, an organization that holds actors in our criminal justice system accountable through reporting and data collection.


His favorite craft beer at the moment: Hecto, Suarez Family Brewery (Hudson, NY).


His goal is to help foster inclusivity and accessibility in the craft beer and homebrewing community. As a cis straight white man, I aim to uplift and support BIPOC, womxn and LGBTQ+ folks underrepresented in our community, because diverse and inclusive spaces are better for everyone!

Articles by Dave

In a New York Minute: How Everything Changed for NYC Breweries During the Pandemic

The coping and thriving of NYC breweries during the COVID-19 pandemic.